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    LLDPE, a linear low density polyethylene, is excellent in water- and heat-resisting properties, Heat Seal,sealability.
    With its outstanding mechanical property and solidity, LLDPE is used widely for the purpose of packaging material,
    particularly, as a non-toxic material, it is safe and sanitary so that it is extensively used for food packaging.
    It is also excellent in transparency and gloss.
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    Aluminum Foil, a non-toxic material, has great humidity-proof and water-proof property and provides superior
    lightproof features with high thermoreflectivity.Also, with its excellent heat resistance, cold hardiness and durability,
    it is widely used as packing materials for foods that require long-term preservation in lined with other packaging materials(PET, NYLON, etc.) and for electronic components and medicines that require high humidity resistance.
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    Nylon Film is mainly used for long-term storage of foods and vacuum packaging because it prevents Pinhole(microhole on the surface) to generate.
    It is advanced packing material for food packing with high gas barrier property which preventsfood oxidation and high transparency, flavor retaining, nontoxic, odorless and chemical resistance properties.
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    Polyester Film has a extensive range of usage including food packaging and industrial use with excellent solidity,
    electric property, modulus of elasticity and tensile strength. Especially, it has mechanical properties and thermal stability so thatit is used asvarious packing materials.
    Moreover, it is used for food packaging withhigh barrier property, transparency, gloss and stable flatness.
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    Metalized Polyester Film(metalized PET) isan easy-to-use and low-cost material that replaces the excellent physical properties of aluminum foil and is featured by high vapor and oxygen barrier properties.
    In addition to this, it is widely used for packaging and industrial materials because of its excellent adherence to aluminum and adhesive property.
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    Polypopylene, a biaxially oriented film which is stretched longitudinally and transversally, has outstanding mechanical strength such as tensile strength and impact strength, fine transparency and gloss, and excellent humidity proof property compared with castedfilms.
    Moreover, with its odorless and non-toxic feature, it is widely used for packaging and printing for various snacks, breads, and ramen.
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    CPP Film, a casted film, has excellent impact strenth and heat-sealability, thus it is used after post-processing such as laminating with other packaging materials depending on the puepose of the packaging.
    It is extensively used for foolIf it is hygienically excellent with tastelessnessm, odorlessness, and non-toxicity, it is widely used for inner package of food such as snacks, bakery, and Ramen.

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